The 2021 Hollywood Creative Forum

“Stories from the Diaspora”



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The Hollywood Creative Forum an annual professional development and networking event produced by the Walter Kaitz Foundation, is designed to connect content creators who represent diverse cultural and ethnic communities with studio development executives. Television, film and streaming writers, directors, producers, and showrunners benefit from a high level of engagement with studio executives who are positioned to use their knowledge and resources to advance authentic and inclusive storytelling in the entertainment industry.  Programming executives will also benefit from a high level of engagement with one another to explore best practices impacting diversity and inclusionary practices within their own companies.

After a decade of focusing on Diversity in Hollywood, this year’s theme is “Stories from the Diaspora.”  This focus represents a notable pivot to a wide-angle multicultural lens and the many untold stories about people—beyond the United States—that reflect our vast cultural connections to our respective history, culture, heroes, journeys, struggles and triumphs from around the world.


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