The Secret of My Success – College Edition 

While the working world has changed and bent to the restriction of a global pandemic, the rites of passage from college to the “real world” are still in flux. How do you get hired by a company and once there, forge a career path that is right for you? What does onboarding look like during a pandemic? How do you connect to co-workers and build teams? How do you showcase your skills when facetime no longer involves being face to face? 
The Emma Bowen Foundation and the T. Howard Foundation are two partner organizations that are partially funded through targeted grants provided by the Walter Kaitz Foundation. Both organizations work with students of diverse backgrounds to place them in internships and entry-level positions in the cable media industry.  Here’s a look at how these organizations are preparing their college students to transition to a work world that requires new protocols and new ways of connecting. Nikki Bethel, President & CEO of the Emma Bowen Foundation and Jo Pamphile, President & CEO of T. Howard share advice for next-gen workers. 

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Both executives say, young people are bringing their values into the workplace.  Not intent on checking their identities at the door they are looking for career matches with companies where diversity, equity, inclusion & belonging (DEIb) is woven into their DNA. Ernst & Young conducted an “ideation jam” with a group of 18 – 23-year olds and reported are eager to take the reins and lead necessary reforms to achieve inclusiveness, equal economic opportunity, and social justice.

As the largest generational cohort in history, Gen Z’s attitudes and expectations are poised to shape the business landscape for decades. Understanding their motivators, ambitions and expectations will be of mutual benefit to these new employees and the companies for which they work.