Hollywood Creative Forum 9.0

For two consecutive days, the program will be focused on fostering business collaborations through both structured and informal networking opportunities and offering practical creative and business intelligence while furthering the conversation around diversity and inclusion behind the camera. And, as it has since its beginning, the Forum will include its credentialed “Meet and Greet” where invited candidates, participating networks, studios and production company executives are matched and meet one-on-one to discuss careers and projects. The format follows a speed networking template used by guilds and professional industry organizations with meetings lasting for 15 minutes. Network and studio executives take these meetings at their own branded tables.

New this year, the Foundation has partnered with GCI Cable of Alaska to award the inaugural GCI Native Alaskan Fellowship Program. The two fellowship recipients, both accomplished content creators, will be attending the Forum for the first time. Learn more about Anna Hoover (“The Last Walk”) and Phillip Ossie Kairaiuak (Writer & Musician, Pamyua) in an accompanying story in this issue.

Another new feature of this year’s Forum will be a series of half hour presentations produced and delivered by leading experts in their fields. These Kaitz Talks will cover a variety of topics, themes and ideas that inform, provide food for thought and spawn creativity amongst content creators and production executives. Covering everything from streaming services to pitching diverse concepts, to creating content to drive social issues, these presentations will be ‘the talk’ of Forum.

The Forum is known for its engaging panel discussions which touches upon topical issues in television, digital and entertainment today, and this year is no exception. With data points derived from the Center for the Study of Women in Television ! Film, female programming executives from TV One will outline their strategy for levelling the playing field while keenly focused on discussing how they develop content that both informs and entertains. A special panel on children’s media will highlight the advantages of creating children’s content with specific focus on writing, directing, and producing; and participants will also learn about the biggest trends that brands and businesses are harnessing to take the digital economy to the next level. The Forum is also the place to learn about industry trends, and this year’s deep dive into television and digital’s shifting demographics and its impact on the content landscape will be of special interest to participants.

The Walter Kaitz Foundation continues to build partnerships that expand the scope and content of the Forum. Among this year’s partners are the Writer’s Guild of America, Digital Diversity Network and LA SkinsFest all exploring the expectations and realities faced by diverse content creators.

For details about the Annual Hollywood Creative Forum, visit https://www.walterkaitz.org/hollywood-creative-forum/.