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The mission of CommonSense Leadership (CSL) is to fill the preparedness gap for underrepresented groups in our industry through skills training, practical wisdom and leadership attributes – informed by current data and innovative strategies.

Goal one – provide innovative, industry leading content that engages and inspires.

Goal two –  offer on-demand, multi-platform access to content that engages individuals and organizations, wherever they are.   

The Walter Kaitz Foundation (WKF) partners with CSL to uphold its mission of advocacy and “Belonging.” The collaboration provides a platform for content, strategies, and tips for individual and organizational success.

CommonSense Leadership is led by Dr. L. D. Bennett, (Principal, Maximize Consulting LLC), a leadership development and organizational effectiveness expert. Dr. Bennett, is a senior faculty member at the Center for Creative Leadership and a 40-year expert in leadership development and organizational behavior.

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Staff Me Up

Staff Me Up is a longtime partner of the Kaitz Foundation’s Hollywood Creative Forum. This past year, Staff Me Up has been working with Hue You Know to develop tools and partnerships with Diversity Advocacy Organizations in order to expand media companies’ awareness and access to talent outside of their standard networks, by using Staff Me Up’s hiring and search tools.

If you are a member of a Diversity Advocacy Organization, you can now add your affiliation to your Staff Me Up profile in order to be included in this initiative.

Information about the current partners and the Diversity and Inclusion Initiative can be found here, and we are adding new partners every week. (Note that if you do not see your organization on this list of partners, you can still add it to your profile to be included.)

The Staff Me Up Team remains committed to asking questions and learning about discrimination in our industry. They continue to gain a better understanding of potential solutions, and we encourage you to connect at if you would like to be a part of this ongoing conversation.