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The Walter Kaitz Foundation seeks to influence the lives and careers of women and people of color through our programs and creative partnerships.

Walking the Walk – Diversity Week 2016

“What I love about this industry is that we set our own standards. […]Name me one other industry in the world that brings every one of its senior leadership to a city for an entire week and the only subject is to work on diversity, to train employees while they’re here, to provide programming and… Read More

Diversity: Has the Word Lost its Power?

Some industry leaders and cultural experts believe that the word diversity lost its relevance in the struggle for equality in the corporate world and, more specifically, in the entertainment industry. During the spirited newsmakers panel at NAMIC’s 30th Annual Conference, journalist Roland Martin discussed Hollywood director, Ava DuVernay’s, choice to use the word inclusion to… Read More

Bill Duke Asks What Are You Waiting For?

"As computers become smarter, we no longer need humans as intermediaries," said Amy Webb, founder and CEO of Future Today Institute. "Professions whose basis is in transactions will be disrupted by machines – there is no question. And it will happen fast," she said. What does this quote from a recent CNNMoney article have to… Read More

The 2016 Hollywood Diversity Report: Business as Usual?

Professor Darnell Hunt, Director of the Ralph J. Bunche Center for African American Studies, chair of the Department of Sociology, and professor of sociology and African American Studies at UCLA and his research team recently released the third in a series of comprehensive annual reports on the state of diversity in Hollywood. The study, known… Read More

SPOTLIGHT: Flor Siqueiros – Bringing Spanish TV to the US

Today, there are at least fifteen Spanish networks providing dedicated programming to consumers in the United States. But you have Flor Siqueiros and members of the first team to create a U.S.-based Spanish network to thank for that. Upon meeting her at the Hollywood Creative Forum 7.0 (HCF 7.0) in February, it was clear that… Read More

Women’s History Month 2016 Highlights

The 2016 UCLA Hollywood Diversity Report outlined the dismal fact that there were no positive changes in the role of women in entertainment since the previous year’s study was released. In fact, women lost ground in 8 of the 11 categories in the report which included on-screen roles as well as executive positions. After a… Read More

BabyFirst TV’s Success Helps the Whole Family

Constantino “Said” Schwarz’s BabyFirstTV pitch to Comcast Corporation was a passionate proposal backed by irrefutable facts and figures on quality children’s programming. In the final analysis, the pitch was a success and BabyFirstTV earned one of two coveted spots that the cable operator reserved in its lineup for Hispanic-focused networks.  According to Schwarz, the resourceful… Read More

SPOTLIGHT: La Faye Baker, Stunt Coordinator

With over 100 shows to her credit, La Faye Baker performs some of the most exhilarating stunts you’ve seen on the screen. Being able to body double for Angela Bassett in The Green Lantern and What’s Love Got to With It? requires hard work, skill and preparation. The impressive entertainer has doubled for other top… Read More

The 2016 Awards Season In Full Swing

The 2016 Awards season kicked off with a high energy production of The Golden Globe Awards ceremony. Host Ricky Gervais set the tone early with his deliberate jabs at Mel Gibson during his opening monologue. Gervais took his dry, sarcastic wit to new levels. There were jokes all around, which were increasingly off-color as the… Read More

The Wiz

If you did not watch The Wiz Live! on NBC then you were not counted amongst an estimated 11.5 million viewers who were thrilled to see that the revamped musical which had just the right mixture of nostalgia combined with contemporary appeal. Heading into the event, NBC had leveled its expectations. The network had produced… Read More