November 2, 2016

Discovering Ourselves: Hollywood Creative Forum 8.0

Prepare to be amazed during two days of exclusive access to media and entertainment industry executives, content pioneers and astounding presenters.

Each year at the Hollywood Creative Forum, participants find themselves in awe of the breadth of information and opportunities available to them during the two-day, exclusive event. The Walter Kaitz Foundation developed the Forum to enhance its ongoing efforts to advocate, promote and drive the conversation around diversity in the industry. The 8th annual event will be held February 21-22, 2017, in Los Angeles, California.

Over the past few years, panelists and speakers at the Forum have provided conference attendees with candid, inspiring stories detailing their personal creative journeys and sharing advice about what it takes to make it in the entertainment business. Each presenter offered encouraging advice, such as Debra Langford’s memorable interview with famed director, Bill Duke in February 2016. Langford, who teaches at the USC Marshall School of Business, asked the questions specifically pertinent to creatives of color. The respected director’s answers left the audience motivated and challenged as he offered his tough-love advice. “I think we’re stuck in the old paradigm of the industry, waiting to be discovered. We’re not aware of the numerous opportunities in this industry that exist. Instead of us waiting to be discovered,” he announced, “we need to discover ourselves.”

Other past speakers include Emmy-award winning writer and producer Ali Leroi, Cooking Channel’s GM Michael Smith and Co-founder of Omelet Branding Agency Steven Amato. Each speaker brought a unique perspective of life in Hollywood, its challenges and strategies to help build successful, long-standing careers in the competitive landscape.

Event moderator, veteran entertainment industry showrunner, network executive and patented tech entrepreneur, DMA (Donna Michelle Anderson) will feature prominently again in 2017. Participants anticipate DMA’s sage advice as she has created groundbreaking, patented productions and education software in addition to helming top-rated programming for CBS, Bravo, BET, A+E, TLC and many more.

Who Should Attend HCF 8.0?

The Forum is the one place for professional creatives of color to learn, network and connect. Invitations to register for the Forum are extended to professionals who comprise the elite network of diversity programs, including the PGA, DGA and WGA membership. The Forum is also open to experienced showrunners, producers, directors, and writers of color in non-fiction and scripted programming.

The Walter Kaitz Foundation limits capacity in order to maintain the highest level of quality conversation and meaningful connections, so it is imperative that interested content creators submit their application early for matchmaking sessions with programming executives from leading networks and production companies. Selected attendees will be assigned a series of one-on-one meetings with top-ranking executives who have reviewed their personal profiles and identified potential opportunities in their companies. The executives who participate in these 15 minute introductory sessions represent some of the industry’s top companies, including representatives from sponsoring networks such as HBO, A+E Networks, Scripps Networks Interactive and Sony Television.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to network with talented colleagues and get know-how that could help propel your career in media and entertainment. Email us at or by phone at 310-216-4722.

Debra Langford interviews famed director Bill Duke at the 2016 Hollywood Creative Forum

The advice was free-flowing at HCF 7.0

  • Know what happens when you leave the room after your pitch.
  • Understand advertising as a revenue model.
  • The notion of creating half hour content is shifting – time sets and limits are going away.
  • The world is not going to get any whiter, so what does that mean for storytelling?
  • Huge transformational shift in the population means more stories and more audiences to receive those stories.
  • Count the people at your table. There’s 8 of you. That’s a company. What are you waiting for?