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Past Honorees

For 29 years the Walter Kaitz Foundation fundraising dinner has been a celebration of the achievements of organizations and individuals whose commitment to diversity is exemplified through their ideals and their everyday business practices.


The Foundation’s Diversity Champion Award honors those who have woven a commitment to diversity into the fabric of their businesses and their lives. They are role models, inspiring and encouraging excellence, removing barriers that hinder progress, and empowering others with opportunities.

The Foundation’s Diversity Champion Award is presented to an individual outside the cable industry who has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to diversity and has fostered an inclusive environment for the cable telecommunications industry.

Each year, our Annual Fundraising Dinner recognizes those who demonstrate leadership in advancing the cause of diversity through the cable industry. Here’s our honor roll (and our dinner themes) over the years…

21st Century

2012 “Diversity is More Than a Word”

Diversity Champion: Cox Communications, Inc.
Diversity Advocate: Healthy MEdia: Commission for Positive Images of Women and Girls

2011 “Be Diversity”

Diversity Champion: Time Warner Cable
Diversity Advocate: Rey Ramsey, One Economy

2010 “Single Minded. Many Sided”

Diversity Champion: Discovery Communications Inc.
Diversity Advocate: U.S. Rep. Doris O. Matsui (D-CA)

2009 “Make A Statement. Make A Difference”

Diversity Champion: Comcast Corporation and Turner Broadcasting System, Inc.

2008 “Celebrating 25 Years”

Diversity Champion: Bright House Networks and Scripps Networks
Diversity Advocate: U.S. Rep. Joe Baca (D-CA)

2007 “Diversity: Beyond Boundaries”

Diversity Champion: ESPN
Diversity Advocate: U.S. Rep. Edolphus “Ed” Towns (D-NY)

2006 “Expressions of Diversity”

Diversity Champion: MTV Networks
Diversity Advocate: U.S. Rep. Hilda L. Solis (D-CA)

2005 “Every Day Belongs to Everyone”

Diversity Champions: Glenn A. Britt, Time Warner Cable; James A. Hatcher, Cox Communications Inc.; and Sherryl D. Love, Cox Communications, Inc.
Diversity Advocate : U. S. Rep. Melvin L. Watt (D-NC)

2004 “Celebrating Diversity”

Dinner Honoree: Spencer Kaitz, Founder, Walter Kaitz Foundation

2003 “Cable’s Commitment”

Dinner Honoree: Decker Anstrom, Landmark Communications

2002 “Diversity Means Business”

Dinner Honoree: Brian L. Roberts, Comcast Corporation

2001 (Our dinner was canceled in the wake of the Sept. 11 tragedy)

2000 “New Vision, New Direction”

Dinner Honoree: John J. Rigas, Adelphia Communications, Inc.

20th Century

1999 “Opportunity and Access”

Dinner Honoree: William J. Bresnan, Bresnan Communications, Inc.

1998 “It’s about Leadership”

Dinner Honoree: Charles F. Dolan, Cablevision Systems Corp.

1997 “Cable’s Resource for Diversity”

Dinner Honoree: James O. Robbins, Cox Communications, Inc.

1996 “We Break Barriers”

Dinner Honoree: Robert L. Johnson, BET Holdings, Inc.

1995 “It’s Time”

Dinner Honoree: John W. Goddard, Viacom Cable, Inc.

1994 “Changing the Face of Cable”

Dinner Honoree: Gerald M. Levin, Time Warner Cable

1993 “Diversity Delivers”

Dinner Honoree: Amos B. Hostetter Jr., Continental Cablevision, Inc.

1992 “Cable’s Resource for Diversity”

Dinner Honorees: Walter Kaitz Fellows

1991 “Vision for Change”

Dinner Honoree: Sydney Topol, Scientific-Atlanta, Inc.

1990 “The Decade for Affirming Diversity”

Dinner Honoree: Ralph J. Roberts, Comcast Corporation

1989 “The Next Generation: A New America”

Dinner Honoree: J. Richard Munro, Time Warner, Inc.

1988 “Five Years of Growth and Momentum”

Dinner Honoree: Ralph M. Baruch, Viacom International

1987 “Investing in Excellence”

Dinner Honoree: R.E. “Ted” Turner, Turner Broadcasting

1986 “Investing in Excellence”

Dinner Honoree: Bill Daniels, Daniels & Associates

1985 “Investing in Excellence”

Dinner Honoree: Bob and Betsy Magness, Tele-Communications, Inc.

1984 “Investing in Excellence”

Dinner Honoree: Thomas Wheeler, National Cable Television Association